Let me introduce ECHO (Emergency Communication for Home Occupants). EPIC-FSC has created a program for you to successfully navigate communications at the start of an emergency, during the event and throughout the recovery phase.

The first step is education. EPIC will be offering communication resources whereby you may schedule a visit from one of our experts to guide you through how you can purchase a radio and, more importantly, use your radio to maintain communication. In addition, we will also be including timely updates via our website as well as other sources. FRS RADIOS

You must address some important facts:

Will your radio and televisions work before, during and after:
– a magnitude 7 earthquake?
– a PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutoff) has been declared and you lose electricity and lose power to your home phones, Internet, TV, heater and appliances

Let’s take a look at your cell phone. What happens if:
* Your phone’s battery dies while there is a power outage?
* A power outage has rendered the cell towers inoperable?

If your radio, television, and cell phone service are all down:
– how will you reach your family?
– how will you know if you should evacuate?
– how will you know from where the risk is coming?
– how will you know when it is safe to repopulate?

EPIC-FSC has the solution with the creation of ECHO, providing education and real-life solutions. Do you want to learn how to use a hand-held radio? It’s easy with our EPIC Communications Team. FRS RADIOS